Posh Pre Academy 

What a season it has been so far and it’s not over yet. We have had more Academy fixtures this season for the Pre Academy boys than ever before. We have played Wolves, Norwich, Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday & Derby, travelling to these venues are not just great memories for the boys but they give them the added challenge to help them develop further. We still have more Academies pencilled in before the end of the season, next up for the boys Crystal Palace at their training ground during half term.

We have also recruited 4 new coaches this season which has helped us to continue to grow the right way and enable us to impact more boys at Peterborough United. We now host an u6 squad, 2 u7 squads & 2 u8 squads. Both the 7&8s are competing each week in the local league but playing up a year for the added challenge. 

We are still looking to recruit current Year 1 boys for the u6 squad who have games starting to come up now as well, these boys train once a week at the minute and the aim is to have a ball at their feet as much as possible & let them learn to love the beautiful game through small sided games. 

If you know of any children showing talent in football in school years 1-3 we would love to hear from you we are always keen to recruit talented children to help them achieve their potentials. 

Please Contact mfox86&hotmail.co.uk or 07715988183.


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