Pre Academy – Recruitment

4 years ago we recognised the importance of recruiting players as young as 5/6 and coaching them to our Philosophy! 

Allowing them the freedom in sessions to make mistakes, to try new things but most importantly play with a smile and learn to love the beautiful game!

We are now seeing the benefits of it in our foundation phase, our U10s are a great example of a group of players who have been with us from u7s till now, who play the game with such maturity and professionalism. They have been to Chelsea, Tottenham & Derby this season who are all Catergory 1 Academies and have done a lot more than compete with their boys! 

We aim to provide great sessions with challenges for each individual & strive to watch players develop over a period of time. 

 We give players great opportunities not just competing locally every weekend but also against some great academies along the way. 

We are always looking to recruit local players who show a great willingness to learn as well as showing talent within the game. If you know of any players or you have a son yourself who you think has the potential we would love to hear from you.



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