Futsal the Benefits for Football Development

Futsal the Benefits for Football Development

1. Futsal is played with a small number of players, which allows players to have
more touches on the ball which helps players to become more comfortable on
the ball

2. The Futsal ball with its reduced bounce allows players to get good control of the ball without it bouncing away, which gives players a greater confidence on the ball and encourages players to be more creative on the ball.

3. The Futsal ball also encourages players to pass over short distances and keep
the ball on the ground as it is harder to just kick the ball in the air down field.
This will help to develop good habits in players at an early age.

4. Futsal is played in a small area on a fast hall surface, which will help players to improve their quickness of thought, which will allow players to make better
decisions when under high pressure situations or in tight spaces in games

5. Futsal rules are closer to soccer, as there are no walls, if the ball goes out of play possession is lost, this encourages good habits as players will try to keep
possession of the ball rather than take the easy option to play off the walls, or
kick the ball down field knowing the ball will remain in play.

6. Being in the hall creates a fun environment for young players and keeps them
out of the cold, wet weather during the winter months, which will help players to
remain interested in soccer and develop a passion for the sport.


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